Self Assessment

Self-Assessment is usually required for, but isn’t limited to, the following; being self-employed, earning money that hasn’t been taxed already, not paying the correct sum in tax for the previous year or your state pension being greater than your personal allowance.

You could be losing money. At MAH, we will ensure that we do everything possible to eliminate the money that you are losing. Using our accounting expertise and 18 years of experience, we will examine your self-assessment tax return to recognise whether you are suitable for tax savings. Eliminating the likelihood of HMRC investigating your tax affairs is vital, so our process of amending any irregularities within your self-assessment will do exactly that.

Having an underperforming business can be tough, we understand that therefore we can pursue the possibility of arranging a payment plan with HMRC or delaying your tax payments.

Our competitive prices along with our tax-deductible fees eradicate the worries of self-assessment with the added benefits of you, our client, saving money.  Want to know more or make a free enquiry? Just contact us using our details from below.