Our vast experience as well as being an ACCA registered practice, we will endeavour to find a tax saving scheme suited to your business in accordance with the highest accounting standards.

There are many loopholes and reliefs that exist that allow you to minimise your tax liabilities. This information will not be provided to you by the HMRC as you are essentially paying them more money than you could be. Minimising your tax liabilities will require professionals that have experience and a thorough understanding of tax and that’s where we come into it.  At MAH, we pride ourselves on how we have mastered the understanding of the tax scheme.

We will aid you on any scenario you have but the most common ones that we have received are:

  • Utilising your home address as your office

  • Recovering VAT

  • Reduction of stock valuation

  • Giving employees loans with low interest

  • Employing your spouse in your business

Tax law can be very problematic and complex to understand. It is vital to ensure that everything occurs correctly to avoid any problems or fines from HMRC.  You can be as involved as you wish, therefore we can provide you with comprehensive information that allows you to decide on what tax scheme to proceed with.

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